Saturday, February 20, 2010

Elephants Panty Liners...

Actually, they're baby burp cloths...about 20" long, soft knit on one side and terrycloth on the other side. Aunt Elsie had me make some for her years ago, she gives them as baby gifts. I don't remember hers looking so panty-liner-ish.
Last weekend my brother came over and he and my Dad rewired the entire 2nd floor of the old section of the house! It took them 7 hours. It all started because I have a bad outlet in my sewing room...turns out that cloth covered wiring from the 1920's doesn't last quite a century. That and they couldn't just stop after replacing only one line.

I had to clear out some shelving so they could reach this particular plug, and not that taking things off a shelf is hard, but sorting them to put them back is.

Of the many unfinished projects on the shelf, I've been keeping this soft knit since May of 2003 when Mom's best-friend, Sharon Faucette, asked me to take her daughters overly-loved baby blanket and make something memorable with it (her daughter has her own babies now). I made a pillow and had used these soft knits as part of it. I also made a little blanket to match.

In trying to get old projects done, I've listed several things I need to accomplish any given project so that I can get the items if they're on sale or whatever. For the baby burp cloths I wanted terry cloth. I got the regular stuff at JoAnns...and it shrunk an inch, but it's pretty soft compared to when it was on the bolt. So I spent quite a bit of time drawing up this shape only to figure out I'd drawn a huge pantyliner! Aunt Elsie sewed sweet little embroidery patches on them and I think I'll have to do that too....another item to add to the shopping list.

I wouldn't have made these if I'd just thrown away the soft knit years ago...but no, I had to keep it and eventually conjure up a project to make with it.

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