Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Uh, how many Chinese people are missing their fingers?


Saturday, December 11, 2010

One thing at a time Sweet Jesus

Every one knows I have enough felted wool to cover the entire exterior of my house.  There's so much of it, it's not even stored at home, because there's no space. 
And what good is that?  Absolutely no good. 
I don't make anything out of it because I'd have to go some place else, dig through storage containers, and then when I dug out what I wanted, I'd have to put it all back so it's neat and space-saving.  How's that for dumping a bucket of ice cold water on your creativity?

I went to Sharon Englunds house to felt her wool for her (touching wet slimy wool gives her the heebie-geebies) and one creamy sweater over felted.  It's so dense you can't see daylight through it.  That won't work for the projects she's making, so she gave it to me.

Great.  Another felted wool sweater...I need that like I need another over-due bill in the mail.  Right?

Of course, I take it.

So what do I do?  I actually make something of it, aaaaaaand I finish it!  Can you believe it?  I can't!

Just sitting there looking at the sweater I thought the hem on the sweater would make a really great hem on mittens.  After figuring out a badly-planned pattern tracing around my hand I really got into it!  I needle-felted the green lines on the tops of the mittens.
I knew I wanted some leather for the palm, because wool is really slippery to hang on to anything.  But all my leather is at the wool storage...

So I do end up digging through my leather...but only one container...they're so crammed with leather that they are dern heavy.  I didn't want to lift the other container so I decided to make do with what was in the top container.  And I did dig through the top box of felted wool and brought home another sweater, but we'll see if I actually get to that one.

So it's evident that I might get something made from the wool if I only have a limited amount infront of me...too much of it overwhelms me.

But I did make something, and it's all Sharons fault.

Thank you Sharon!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

How to make money doing other peoples UFO's!

As if I didn't have enough UFO's of my own, a couple years ago I had to buy somebody elses UFO at the Textile Centers Garage sale a couple years back.
Recently during a temporary lull in creativity I made an attempt at 'just doing anything' to keep me in the sewing room...just picking something up that's already there and look it over and see what I damage I can do.
There was a 2-gallon ziploc bag full of somebody elses UFO that kept staring me down, so I had to take it out and look it over.
When I bought it I hadn't really looked in it, but could see through the bag that there were finished blocks and some packets of pieces that looked like a monthly block challenge.  Now when I opened it there were 9 finished blocks and those packets were the monthly blocks, but just the scraps from these original 9 blocks.
I opened up all those packets thinking I'd do something with the scraps and that's where I struck it rich!  There was TWENTY smackaroos folded in the instructions for one of the blocks! Twenty bucks, twenty big ones, twenty dead presidents, twenty clams, twenty beans.  Finding it made me feel like a millionaire!

And then what to do with the blocks, which of course now I had to do, since it already rewarded me with the bacon. 
I've always been wanting to make door-hangers.  A piece of quilted art that covers a typical interior door.  So these blocks will be my 'victim'.  One of the blocks had a color range I didn't like with the others and then I had to make 2 blocks to get the length I wanted. 

Although I always express my desire to keep things simple, I never can when I create...I always have to make it complicated.  So I want a two-sided door hanger...if that comes to fruition you'll hear more about that later.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Isaac is now 16 years old! Can you believe it?

I made this quilt for Isaacs 16th birthday.  Orange is one of his favorite colors, so that's the front, and the green/blue is the back.  I thought the dark would be the top, but now that I see a photograph, I turned them upside down.  I guess there's some psychological thing going on if I want the top to be light and the bottom to be dark as if earth and sky, and it's not good to have those two mixed up!  And something needs to be done with my terrible photography skills.
It's almost 60" wide and 80-something" long.