Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm still pluggin' away...

Geez, it's been a long time since I blogged!  It's been a busy summer.  And the heat and humidity just suck the life out of me.  During one of the heatwaves the temperatures finally dropped.  I didn't realize how cooped up I felt until I went for a walk and actually thought I'd been given freedom from jail!  I guess it's the same as cabin fever in the winter.
I've finished my postcards for Round 15 of Postmark'dArt.  I signed up for a 'no theme' hoping I would find a theme that would invigorate me.  I hadn't been in the sewing room for a while and followed my own advice of 'Just get in there.'  It doesn't matter if you sit and stare at the walls, just get in that studio.  Maybe tidy up a bit, put a few things here and another thing there, finding a 'I've been looking for that' type of thing and before you know it you're picking up something you want to do something with. 
I just decided to start pulling some fabric and get going on the postcards.  At first I tried not to look at a color theme, but eventually I couldn't help myself.  I picked a bit from my big bowl of cheap poly threads and experimented.  It would have been really easy to just cut the plate into straight rectangles but I'm just a lopsided kind of girl...  The top two are only straight because I decided I couldn't use that big blue twist of yarns and threads and there wasn't enough room to cut them crooked.

And I got a binding done.  The request was to match the binding to the 1/2" inner border.

It looks cool!