Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sewing my way to happiness...

Sometimes it's hard to believe how good it makes me feel to sit down and just start sewing.

It seems like eons ago when I decided to do one of those Strips and Curves because everyone I knew had done one.  Since then the author has written more books and I haven't even started sewing the strips together. 
Last week I took down the box from a shelf up next to the ceiling.  There were many 1-1/2" strips already cut, and all the fabric was there.  And when I say 'all the fabric' I mean that all this beautiful fabric has been in this box, unseen, for years...and not in my stash!   In knowing my anal self, I'm sure at one point I had decided which colors to use and which not and separated them into piles...but I couldn't tell which was which now.

So I'm going to use all of them and add more.  If 20 different fabrics is good, isn't 50 fabrics better?   (How about 10,000?)

Mostly I do not buy fabric anymore, so it's not like my stash has changed much since I started this project; but I went through my entire stash again because I have a different view on colors/hues/etc from 5-8 years ago.  Dang, I have a different view on colors since 5 days ago.  It's constantly changing.

One good thing is that I still love the fabrics for this project.  Beautiful colors.   Do you ever take out an old unfinished project and say "What was I thinking?  This is just U.G.L.Y!"   But we change.  We always change.  For me the change is many contributors...changing styles in the fabric industry, new knowledge of more advanced techniques, my own emotions, again, my emotions...that's actually the No. 1 contributor. 

I wonder how much beautiful fabric I have that I haven't seen in years because it is packaged together for a project in a box, forgotten on a shelf...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


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