Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Tree Project Pattern by Wanda Shelton

At Minnesota Contemporary Quilters Wanda Shelton came forward with the Tree Project where all who sign up will receive the tree pattern, make the tree art quilt front and then it will be cut into 4 quarters (on the fold lines of the pattern) and the pieces exchanged and then put back together and completed.  You keep 1/4 of your own, but you will have the 3 other quarters replaced by the other quilters who also completed their tops.
I'm inspired by 2 ideas. One being that Sharon Englund has not only already started hers, but she's going to sew on individual 2-sided leaves and I like that idea.  And the 2nd inspiration is just looking out my window at the lovely bright yellow maple with the blue sky behind.
Since many of the leaves on my beautiful maple have already fallen, I will have some of the branches showing through.  I've done a rough sketch of some arty branches.  They remind me of thorns!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

UFY...Un Finished Yo-yo

 I think it's pretty safe to say I've been working on these yo-yos for 20 years.  Because that would be about the time DuAnn Wright taught a short class at the Quilt Crossing (Boise, Idaho) that I took on making the yo-yo's to string together for a tree garland.  I've been working on these for so long that some of them were sewn by quilt buddies in the Friday Nooners group in Idaho.  Many by Lois Bell.

In the back shows part of the arm rest sewing caddy made by Wilma Smith (Idaho) that I always use for my yo-yos. 
I made one 25' garland years ago and gave it to my Aunt Joan.  I guesstimate that I have at least 1,500 pre-cut circles left to sew.  So if I sewed 10 per day it would take me half a year to finish but 10 per day is actually a tall order.  I think the finish date will be at least 3 years from now, but don't hold your breath.