Monday, July 7, 2014

June 1957

Clear Lake, Canada.  June 1957. Mr. Lyon, ? Ludtke, Vern Svedberg, David Ludtke, and unknown Canadian.
In June of 1957 my Dad graduated from Grand Forks Central High School in Grand Forks ND.  He and some classmates and Mr Lyon went to Canada for a trip.  Featured in this picture are Mr. Lyon on the left, then one of the Ludtke brothers, Vern Svedberg, David Ludtke, and an unknown Canadian employee of Mr. Lyons.  The photograph was taken by Jeff Lyon. 
They were on a dock and Vern had accidentally knocked Mr Lyons glasses off.  Into the lake they went.  Clear Lake lived by it's name and they could clearly see the glasses on the bottom of the lake.
Vern knocked them off so he had to dive in to retrieve them.  He says he was lucky he got the glasses on the first dive because the water was so cold it took his breath away and he doubted he would be able to go down a 2nd time.  He remembers this trip fondly.
I've been busy scanning all our old pictures.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

MCQ Challenge: Abode

Blue Sky and Green Grasses Blowing in the Wind, Debra Svedberg 2013