Saturday, March 10, 2012

Murphy's Law

When I was making my Steam Punk postcards for the trade at I spent a lot of time searching for the parts, trinkets, images, etc, that I wanted to use.
I went to thrift stores looking for medical books about the heart to take apart so I could use the pages,  I looked for gadgets that I could take apart...and some cheesy quilting related item for a gift exchange with Cave Women.
The results weren't very good.  But I had fun looking at everything and found some other things I didn't want to live without.  Like a brand new, still sealed, set of paint pens.

Last week I stopped at one of the same thrift stores and I found a medical book exclusively about the heart with lots of images, wind-up clocks to take apart for parts and a cheesy little metal sewing machine that was a pencil sharpener.

Apparently God and the universe heard my wishes but they had more important things to do and I was near the bottom of the list.  Which, of course, is right where those types of wishes should be.