Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tea Cup and Coffee Mug Pin Cushions

It is so relaxing to be busy with a fun project and listen to an audiobook.  These little pincushions in small vessels I bought at Goodwill (most for .49 cents) and using a smidge of that huge stockpile of felted wool I have, were perfect for hiding away in my sewing room while the temperatures went from 60 to 20 in one afternoon.
And listening to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is so suspensful that I don't want to stop!

Monday, November 12, 2012

PostmarkdArt Round 16

Using the branch and leaf pattern I used for The Tree Project, I made my postcards.  I've never been so early getting my cards done for a trade and I am so pleased!
 Scanning them with the white scanner top didn't show up the white fuzzy fiber I used on the edging.

I'll mail them tonight after Cave Women.

The Tree Project by Wanda Shelton, Step 2

Those last few leaves clinging to the tree, trying not to succumb to the cold wind.
I stopped working on it because I don't have the pattern at the moment and I realized I went a little gung-ho on the leaves without respecting the guidelines.  When I get the pattern back I'll adjust them.
The colors in photographs never seem to be true.