Monday, November 12, 2012

The Tree Project by Wanda Shelton, Step 2

Those last few leaves clinging to the tree, trying not to succumb to the cold wind.
I stopped working on it because I don't have the pattern at the moment and I realized I went a little gung-ho on the leaves without respecting the guidelines.  When I get the pattern back I'll adjust them.
The colors in photographs never seem to be true.


  1. Oh, I like it. I love the colors. And your cards are so wonderful.
    Miss you

  2. Deb - this piece is so lovely. Clean, bright, great values together, sharp cutting. The leaves on the ground look very natural and lay there like they just dropped down.

    I observed some trees like this while driving to work one morning a few falls ago. The golden leaves were ready to release their grip, but there was no wind that day and they clung to the branches. Sometime during the day, they dropped to the ground like removing a prom dress after the dance. On the drive home those trees showed me how lovely were their bare branches against the blue, blue sky whilst their golden frock lay in perfect circles on the earth around the trunk.
    End of prose. Don't throw up.