Saturday, December 4, 2010

How to make money doing other peoples UFO's!

As if I didn't have enough UFO's of my own, a couple years ago I had to buy somebody elses UFO at the Textile Centers Garage sale a couple years back.
Recently during a temporary lull in creativity I made an attempt at 'just doing anything' to keep me in the sewing room...just picking something up that's already there and look it over and see what I damage I can do.
There was a 2-gallon ziploc bag full of somebody elses UFO that kept staring me down, so I had to take it out and look it over.
When I bought it I hadn't really looked in it, but could see through the bag that there were finished blocks and some packets of pieces that looked like a monthly block challenge.  Now when I opened it there were 9 finished blocks and those packets were the monthly blocks, but just the scraps from these original 9 blocks.
I opened up all those packets thinking I'd do something with the scraps and that's where I struck it rich!  There was TWENTY smackaroos folded in the instructions for one of the blocks! Twenty bucks, twenty big ones, twenty dead presidents, twenty clams, twenty beans.  Finding it made me feel like a millionaire!

And then what to do with the blocks, which of course now I had to do, since it already rewarded me with the bacon. 
I've always been wanting to make door-hangers.  A piece of quilted art that covers a typical interior door.  So these blocks will be my 'victim'.  One of the blocks had a color range I didn't like with the others and then I had to make 2 blocks to get the length I wanted. 

Although I always express my desire to keep things simple, I never can when I create...I always have to make it complicated.  So I want a two-sided door hanger...if that comes to fruition you'll hear more about that later.

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  1. What luck!!! 20 canoles!!!
    This is a beauty. Love your idea of door hangers - is this possibly an etsy item? Might just make some more la la if you go after it. Don't know anyone else doing such an item. Also, you could use a ton of that stash. Moo-lah, moo-lah, moo-lah!