Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Caron Lages ~ And Still Counting

I finished up the last of the quilts I had of Carons for her And Still Counting project. Some were already started by other MCQ members when I would bring them to meetings with needles, and I finished those off. And I also did some on the machine, which I didn't enjoy as much (even tho' it was 10X faster) because each of the stars/asterisks represent a Iraqi person who died and by doing them so close together I feel it's not representing each person respectfully. I did some where I tried to move the quilt slightly after each asterisk.
When Caron was here for my Quilt Party she was starting on hanging sleeves and so I copied one she left behind. I made about 150. She only needs 1,000!

I'm looking forward to Thursday for opening night of the "Foot In The Door" exhibit at Minneapolis Institute of Art where I have a piece hanging. One out of circa 4,800!!


  1. OMG - YOU ROCK!! Thanks!

    I should be able to arrive for MCQ about 5ish I'll bring more of everything. i can't wait to see you all again!

  2. Yippee. I need a few more for our little road trip.