Sunday, January 3, 2010

Warm slippers in the frosty weather.

I think it will be above Zero degrees today (that's -17 Centigrade). The picture above is a closeup of the frost on the storm-window of my sewing room. After this cold snap, when it gets back up to the teens and twenties it will feel like a heat wave so people will be walking around without caps, mittens or zipping up their coats.

The start on another pair of slippers. I'm still trying to make them ambidextrous so it wouldn't matter which foot they went on, but I think the next pair I make will be specific for the wearer.
Ambidextrous - I'm just using that word because I don't know what you call a shoe that isn't specifically made for the left foot or the right foot.
I am definitely having a problem on my machine with the thickness of the wool; two layers is holding up the presser foot enough that the thread tension is not engaged and altho' I don't have loops of thread, the seam is not durable for the long term. On this specific pair of slippers it won't matter since I'll still be hand sewing the leather sole on, but it is an issue that has to be solved to continue. My next attempt for a remedy will be to pull out an old sewing machine. My fancy-worthless-expensive Bernina just can't do much.


  1. Those slippers look sooooo comfy. Perfect project for this coooooolllllddddd day.

  2. Wow that cold... can't complain about the -3 we had a couple of weeks ago... Nice slippers! Could of warned you about a Bernia :)