Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wool Rug Braiding - Starting to collect the tools.

I haven't posted a picture of all the goodies I got for Christmas - almost everything I need to start braiding wool rugs! The last thing is the lacing, and that didn't arrive yet.
I've been checking out a few videos on youtube and found an interesting one:

This is a Braided Rug Manufacturer called Thorndike Mills. It's interesting to see how they are mass produced on machinery.


  1. So have you set up the dining room with all those machines? I like that great big table that holds the rug as it is sewn. Got that coming too? Now you have to scavenger for wool skirts, pants, jackets and blankets at Savers. Road trip!!

  2. Actually that table really interests me...not that I know how to get one, but I've seen them before in factories. The people who sew on mattresses also use those air tables, they swing the whole mattress top around with one hand while sewing on the edges. Any one know where I can get one for free? It's similar to an air hockey table.