Saturday, January 16, 2010

Getting little projects done...

I've been sorting through that mess in my sewing room...too much stuff in there! If I come across something I can manage in a short time, I've been trying to take that on. I've got some pants hemmed...they've been waiting to be hemmed for so long that I don't even remember where I got them!
I was saving a shoebox to cover! It was a nice size and heavy cardboard, and I was just a few seconds from putting it in the recycle bin, but then I just started on it. It took me a couple hours, so it was no small thing. I used fusible to attach the fabric. I love that fabric, so it's pretty to me. It needed zest, so I put that orange inside. And I photographed it on those upholstery samples because I didn't think the box would show up well against white.

I made a plastic covered checkbook cover for Aunt Glenna. Seemed like that would be a simple project too, but...
First off, I thought I had some of a fusible plastic laminate product. It was with the fusible webbings and interfacings at JoAnns a long time ago and I thought I bought some just to try it out. But I've looked all over my sewing room and it looks like I didn't buy it, apparently I had thought so hard about buying it that I imagined the whole thing.
And I started this yesterday, and decided to run to JoAnns to get some. The Rosedale JoAnns is relocating so it isn't even worth it to go to that store, (last time I was there it was a mess) so I went to the Maplewood store. They didn't have any such thing.
Since I was all the way out at Maplewood, I decided to go to the MCQ Quilt Exhibit at the Mahtomedi Unitarian Universalist Church. Great show! And then since I was all the way out in Mahtomedi, I called my brothers house to see if I could see their new puppy...which leads to the post below.
Then I came home, went to the Textile Center for the Exhibit Opening there, where out of around 50 Exhibitors, I knew about 1/2 so it was a great night of socializing for me. The abundant creativity also made it exciting.
And that leads to today...using some of that clear plastic tablecloth cover to cover the fabric Aunt Glenna wanted for her checkbook cover.
I really can't figure out the format for adding pictures to a post and have them be on one side. When I'm typing this, the text is no where near the picture, and 'preview' doesn't seem to help me figure it out.

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