Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Minnesota Contemporary Quilters

The backs of Peg LaSota, Michelle Hill and Janet Hartje.

"What's my name?"
"Well if you don't know what are we going to do with you?"
"My name tag says "uoLaYS"
"No, you're looking at it upside-down; it says 'Sharon'."
"O. I. C."
Sharon Englund and Wanda Shelton gave us a little skit about wearing name tags to meeting.
They advise that you be sure to make the letters big enough for all the old people to see.

So Miss Sharon Englund just got her animal print quilt back from being quilted and is ready to sew on the binding.
I don't have pictures of it, but Wanda got so many tops done that I thought "What a show-off!" She just wants to make the rest of us look bad!
I'm green with envy!
After the meetings we head over to Leaning Tower of Pizza for dinner and a huge share of giggling!
We learned that Sharon Englund and her girlfriend were in Amsterdam and picked up some guys to get a tour of the Red Light District, and after they took these guys to their hotel and had to beat them off with a stick!
It was actually it was a wooden flute. And they were only 20 years old. And they didn't invite the guys to the hotel. The guys followed them. Still... Of course she could feel she needed redemption for sowing her wild oats and do something crazy like marry a Pastor or something.


  1. That was a crazy thing to do wasn't it?!!! ...marry a pastor. Oh well, it colored his life and calmed mine...just think of how I used to be!!!

  2. Oh I miss those meetings! Am trying to work out my schedule to come in feb! Ipromise to wear a name tag.