Sunday, January 10, 2010

From Picture to Quilt - Part 2

I used a glue stick to apply the pine sprouts to the lighter drawing of the needles.
I don't know why this photo turned sideways, blogspot did that all on it's own. I photocopied the picture with the glue-sticked-pine-sprouts so I don't have to worry about making mistakes.

On my photocopy I start to outline the shading of the pine needles.

I use a numbering system to determine shading. Absolute white is 1 and black is 10. I start to try to identify what I think the shading should be. This will probably be altered after I start pulling it all together. In this photo my choice for 1 looks sorta grey, but it's really white.

I went to Kinkos and had the drawing enlarged 300%. and printed with 36" wide paper. That black bar you see on the top is from the machine thinking the drawing was dark and then correcting itself. It's fine that it did this, I only need the outline. Enlarging the drawing 300% means my lines are 300% thicker too. The next step I will take is tracing this larger drawing so I have normal width lines, and smoothing the lines out. I'll post about it again in a few days.

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