Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dishtowel for Heike...

I embroidered this dishtowel for Heike. Mom made one for her too. We both did a "cappuccino" theme, because Heike loved to have her Cappuccino every day. I do a mouse theme because when Heike and Levke came to the U.S. her husband Jörg said something about his two little mice going to the big city. Moms towel has a cup of cappuccino and a cookie on a plate.


  1. Is this a completely serene activity of yours? or is it just my imagination. It's a "take anywhere" kind of project - fits in the purse or pocket and it's quiet! How come you're so noisy then? LOL You wild woman you.

  2. Plus, it's really cute. Nice work!

  3. Oh, it looks beautiful. I am looking forward to it's arriving.
    You do such a nice work.