Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Gifts, Sharpies and Death!

I seem to be visiting my own blog just so I can check on the list of my friends blogs instead of blogging myself. I've been working on gifts, so I'm not interested in blogging about it until after I give them away. Karens blog, "Giddy Up" shows her use of black and white "Zentangle" drawings for the Art Every Day Challenge, and I thought they look pretty fun. I have always used crayons for drawing but being inspired by Karen I decided to break out my pack of Sharpies.
After each time I sat down to draw I got a headache; presumably from the fumes of the markers so I think I'm going back to crayons! The color won't be as bright but atleast crayons smell good.
While working on gifts I've been listening to cd's of Abbott and Costellos radio show...the whole "Who's on first, What's on second" and hours more. Being a live radio show, there were glitches and sometimes an ad-lib didn't quite work and the other would humorously say "What script are you looking at?"

Altho' I did tire of hearing the ads for the sponsor: Camel Cigarettes. "More Doctors smoke Camels than any other brand." I wouldn't mind hearing the ad just once for historic sake and would have been happy if they'd remove the rest of them.
What today do we think is acceptable to put into our bodies that in 10 - 20 years we'll know as poison? Even the herbicide "Round Up" can claim their product will disappear when it dries but now we know that the "inert ingredients" will kill us. But our laws don't govern the 'inert ingredients', only the ingredients that directly relate to the purpose of the product.

I'd love to go on about antibiotics and hormones in milk, why we should be eating organic produce, the war of 1812, but I'd just depress you. Well, the War of 1812 isn't depressing actually (not the way I tell it) but I'm going to get back to creating gifts and listening to my next book on tape: "Abhorsen"
Do you know how to cut a paper 5-pointed star with one cut? Click here


  1. Nice job! like the your drawing.... you need to get some Pitt artis pens by faber castel... I get mine at quality arts or craft warehouse and also the other pen I use is Vellum Writer by Kureake which I either picked up at craft warehouse or a scrapbooking store... they don't smell like a sharpie. Zig also makes a good marker... don't want you to pass out :)

  2. Well! There she is. I've been doing the same as you - going to my blog and checking to see if anyone has updated.
    Are you considering a fiber interpretation of this beautiful object d'arte in orange? Love the colors. Bet you could do three similar pieces and call it manage e that how we're spelling it?

  3. Thanks for the advice Karen, I don't know if I'm ready to graduate from Kindergarden yet! ha ha
    Sharon ...the MCQ challenge is Melange a trois. Manage a trois is that WILD thing what you and your husband did the last night on vacation!

  4. Oops Sharon ~ There were 4 of you weren't there? Menage a quatre!