Sunday, March 22, 2009

Still spending my time making a mess...

I was hoping I wouldn't post until my sewing room was organized and all that stuff had a home. I think that means I won't be posting for a long time!
I did get all the velvet sorted and put away in storage containers. I'm so jealous of Stephanie's Studio. All those shelves with everything spread out.

I am sewing a pair of wool slippers, but not for my brother. It's been so long since I made slippers I want to make a practice pair before I make his.
They aren't turning out the way I want, so it's turned into another thing that frustrates me.

It's frustrating to get frustrated so easily! But that's who I am.

Tomorrow night is MCQ and I don't think I have anything new for Show 'n Tell. And Thursday night is one of my Quilt Groups. Then Friday I go to Wapo with 24 other lucky quilters. Now that is something I am soooo looking forward to. Trying to figure out what to bring is another many choices. It's got to be something brainless so I can socialize while sewing. Except one defining item is that I'll only bring my straight-stitch machine. I don't like hauling around my $2,000.00 worthless Bernina.

Back to sewing and sorting...


  1. I miss my old Monday schedule, where i was free to enjoy an evening at MCQ. Tell everyone I miss them! Have loads of fun at wapo!

  2. Ok, not sure how i got signed in as FAFO - should just be me - Caron!

  3. Caron, I miss your insight at MCQ.
    Are you ever coming back?
    Although I was thinking perhaps you'd be filling sandbags for friends in Fargo.

    I dont' remember when I posted it, but I'm serious about you telling me in advance when you're coming so I can make sure there's tables set up so we can have a few knotters or beaders work on some blocks.
    I can't remember how many you needed to make in the end.

  4. So busy, i'm impressed!

    Perhaps the EFT summit can help you with the frustration!? :-D It is actually quite effective. I'll give u the link one more time :-)

    Love from Sweden