Monday, March 2, 2009

The casualties of quilting...

Quilt group meetings are NEVER boring!
(Never means NIEMALS!)
Our 'Cave Women' group met tonight...let's see, there was a pool of blood, injury to a brick sidewalk, wine consumed, the faint smell of oil paint, orange-cranberry bread, chocolate, a reading of the 1888 blizzard with second by second detail of your eyeballs freezing, a personal injury attorneys wife, and some sock knitting and quilt block pinning going on...
It's never a dull party at Sharon Englunds house. I'm almost speechless about what to write, but all thoughts tonight are on Sarah "Scar-face" Gannett, her forehead, likely concussion, and her new resemblence to Harry Potter sans the nerdy glasses, all because of an injury in the line of quilting.
I can hardly describe her condition without having a sympathy headache! Or maybe it's just the mix of Gladiator wine and oil paint fumes.
Although I have small suspicion that Sarah always wanted to prove that her head is harder than a brick step (myth busted!), I too have fallen in the past and was amazed that it was my face that got damaged...I have other mass that would 'hit first', but my thick head has that whole mass times speed equals velocity and E=MC² or something like that.
The AP is running the story after an anonymous tipster sent in the photos taken at the party showing Sarah holding a glass of wine and fake flowers stuck in the icepack on her head.
It is her story to tell, but she is home safe and sound now...atleast she tells us she's ok. Is denial a symptom of a brain injury? I told her dog Ruthie if anything happens to call 911 and then call me and I'll meet them at the hospital.
Hugs to Sharon too, the hostest who feels terrible about what happened and is wondering when it's 17ºF outside how is she going to chip the blood off the brick without leaving a stain? I'm sure Martha Stewart has advice for that.
Ruthie's calling her attorney.


  1. Wow you guys really know how to do up the town when you get together! Janet Hartje

  2. I think it's time for you to write a little novel about the adventures of quilters.