Friday, March 6, 2009

Oil painting on fabric with paint sticks

Above is the back of the blue and white quilt. I added my first layer of gold oil paint that comes in the form of a paint stick. The blue in the corner is on the excess backing fabric where I was testing some colors. It's been over a week since I applied the yellow and it's still not dry. The paint sticks smell like oil paint, and the smell doesn't go away until it's dry. I would have started applying my other colors, but it smells too much to do in a house that's shut for winter. Summer is a better time for that.

Paint sticks are a form of oil paint that are solid, but can be used like a crayon. When the sticks dry out they develop a skin that you just peel off and there's fresh paint underneath. They claim that they can dry in a day but I've never put it on so lightly that it could dry that fast.
Below is a wall hanging I did a few years ago, and it's also from paint stiks, I used glass and crystal dishes to do rubbings under navy and red fabric, cut the fabric up and put it back together with 1/2" strips of a stripe fabric.
I've been getting these dishes at thrift stores when they're down to $1.50 or less. I have quite a collection now, but I still always notice the patterns on glass dishes, ready to add to my collection if a beautiful intricate pattern catches my eye.

I scurried around yesterday and this morning to get my pieces ready for the Exhibit that's being hung tomorrow at Roseville City Hall. I've entered my Almond Joy (10,000 piece quilt), Silence!, Tree Bark, Dishes 1 (above) and "Nature's Star". I believe the Exhibit is for 2 months. It's free, all the quilts will be hung in the hallways.

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  1. Now I'll have to go look for dishes! I thought I had enough hobbies. I love the look of this quilt.
    Janet Hartje