Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rehashing and reheating leftovers?

The photos are my project that was turned in last December for Ikea's "Project Patchwork" in association with the Textile Center. It was the worst challenge I've ever done, worst fabric, worst inspiration, worst timing on my part, worst end result...can you see the negativity in the air? After several months I'm still holding a grudge!
There's a long story attached, but I'm not in the mood to tell it! At last the end result is coming soon, when Ikea will have the Artists (all 50 of us) come for the sale of the wall hangings on March 21st at the Mall of America Ikea store.
It'll be a party for me because I am convincing myself that after that occasion I will no longer hold a grudge. I'll spend my $50 giftcard for turning in my piece and hang around the other artists and go home, leaving my grudge at Ikea. ~poof~
On to my next problem.
Creating is fun, Organizing is NOT!
I just don't understand why I'm so anal about the way I have to do things. One friend was nice and said I was "methodical". Doesn't that sound professional?
Let's say I have a list of 'things' to do; I decide to do "thing A", but then something comes up and maybe "thing B" presents itself, I feel like I can't do "thing B" until I get "thing A" done. Even tho' there's no rhyme or reason one has to be done before the other, I feel pressure to get "thing A" done and now "thing B" is staring me down!
I "planned" on making my brother his long-ago-promised wool slippers this weekend. It's not like it's the beginning of winter anymore, it's getting to the point where he won't need them for months.
My wool is deeply buried in that sewing room closet...the closet that was going to be so well planned but turned out more like that expandable foam you put in cracks that even tho it looks like 1/4" bead when you spray it in, it grows all over the place and is sticky as flypaper, and it oozes onto everything it's not suppose to ooze on.
So I start pulling this stuff out of my closet...but where to put it? I'm pulling it downstairs and trying to organize it a little. The dining room table, with all it's leaves is 99" long. I can't believe how much velvet I have "for those quilts I'm gonna to make". And the woven wool for braided rugs, I thought all of that was piled at the office, but I've found more!
I've pulled out about 1/4 of the closet and I haven't gotten to my wool sweaters for slippers yet!
I should be enjoying organizing everything, making it easier to use, getting rid of what I don't need; but instead I feel like what I'm doing is in the way of what I should be doing.
Downstairs is starting to look like a yard sale.
And I have so much flipping fabric! My cotton fabric cabinet is full, and I still have piles that need a place to live.
I have useless scraps of fabric that I'm saving for 'something artsy'.
I have useful scraps of fabric that I'm saving because...why would anybody throw that out?
I have lots of pieces of fabric that, even if it's ugly, I can't let go of it.
(uh-oh, did you feel a tremor?)
Ok, that last statement is my whole problem: "I can't let go of it"
I already had the epiphany that I am going to make myself get rid of old projects, but I see now that isn't the real problem. I have over-consumed on so many levels. (boy, does that ever apply to so many facets of my life...maybe I shouldn't be going here...pandebras box or something.)
So what's my defense?
I don't know, give me a minute; I'll give you a bunch of excuses!


  1. Deb, you and I are so much alike! Timing was a factor for my IKEA quilt as well. Last fall was hell on earth for me and making that quilt at that time didn't help. I really like your quilt though!
    The organizing thing is something I struggle with as well. I bought Peter Walsh's book "Does this clutter make my butt look fat." Now I can at least laugh at my clutter mishaps! Janet Hartje

  2. I really like your Ikea quilt!! :) I love the little slivers of color on the edges of each piece...makes an interesting pattern/shape.