Tuesday, March 3, 2009

QWASOH...Quilts With A Sense Of Humor!

Title: "You're looking through rose colored glasses" ~ 16 x 17"

I love everything that Mimi Holmes creates, so I pretty much copy what I see she does. Mimi's done lots of fun pieces with layering tulle/netting/anything else she can and so I used that as my medium for this project. It's layers of tulle (sparkly and otherwise), and the rose 'glasses' were cut from the liners of clothes I kept from harvesting woven wool from thrift shops.
I photographed it against the wall, but against the light it's more luminescent.
The close up shows my stitching (sewing a straight line is difficult!) by machine and then I used some Sulky Holoshimmer sliver for the longer stitches by hand.
The sleeve is see-through-ish too, but I can't remember the name of that material.
Unless I think of something else to do to it, the piece is completed except for it's hanging stick. If I can find time I think I'll cut the stick from a piece of clear plexiglass.
I almost quit working on it tonight before I finished because I had the iron too hot and scorched the sleeve. My usual therapy is to immediately fix the problem and then quit, so that when I come back to the project I do not have the dread of having gone back a few steps. Tonight I was ready to just forget it! But then I just trudged on, repaired the error, then finished the sleeve, attached a label so I could photograph it.
Tomorrow the plan is to photograph the thingy with diamond shapes I made...I need help with a name for that piece, maybe you all can help me with that. And fill out the forms for entering pieces at the MCQ exhibit at the Roseville City Hall and get them to the Textile Center Library for Holly Wolhart. Then on to my brothers belated birthday or christmas gift...wool slippers!

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