Friday, April 17, 2009

What does this mean?

Last night as I lay in bed talking to God about the fatal situation quilter Joan Skalbeck is enduring, this is what came out of me onto my drawing pad. Normally when I feel compelled to draw without knowing what I want to draw, it ends up in some continuous line figure.
Some people know that I love to draw with crayons; the nascent, simple Crayola crayon. I guess it reflects my style of art that lacks sophistication.
Last night I only wanted a thick felt tip pen. I knew I didn't want to use crayons. It had to be black. And I had to draw circles. Lots of circles. Even as I drew them I was wondering why.
I don't even know Joan that well, except through MCQ. She probably doesn't even know how much I am thinking of her, how much I love to see her vibrant, energenic personality, that overflows and oozes with smiles, laughter, and a positive force. She's one of those people whose presence leaves you happier than you were before.
Why does God threaten to take her? Why don't the evil people on the planet get cancer and the good people live long and healthy? The question is too simple for it's answer.


  1. Maybe it has to do with there is no answer to the question of why? in situations like this. Many people everyday are wondering the same question and going around, around in their minds trying to think of an answer that makes sense. But sometimes there really is no good answer for why bad things happen.
    peace Janet

  2. If you really look at that drawing hon, there is a face in it.