Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cave women who quilt...

Last night was another meeting of the Cave Women quilt group, and as always, a butt load of hilarity!
We now know that Sharon is going to be stuck with us meeting at her house, because we're willing to meet there even when she's not home! She had an emergency dental disaster and had to rush to her super handsome, sweet, funny dentist; but we met at her house anyway.
We just open her door and head to the cave, I didn't even bother yelling "Hello!" to her husband when I let myself in. We even bring some of our own cookies, chocolate and beverages to enjoy in our gayety. Meanwhile Sharon's having some ground up chinese peoples bones put in her mouth and then skin grafts sewn over by the dentist who found the instructions for this technique on the internet that afternoon!
And then don't get Peg started on the subject of dentistry...she wants to go on and on about how painful it is while she offers to show you inside her mouth!
I'm sitting there with my fingers in my ears, rocking back and forth, chanting "Go to your special place, go to your special place..."

Sharon pulled out her QWASOH quilt piece that she's constructing of a gorgeous Alligator in red sparkly pumps and decides to name her "Betty" after a discussion about the subject at this website:
Although Sharon is known for mooning her tie-died underwear in public, nobody confessed this evening if they had designs on their betty's, let alone show them! It doesn't seem to matter if you call it your Vah-jay-jay or burmuda triangle (things get lost?), if you're not happy with the color, you can get a dye job. And let's not even get into 'shape'...let me just say the brazilian is out and mowing the lawn is in.

My thoughts?
Same as the dentist: "Get the hell away from there!"

I read a few pages from Carrie Fishers book "Wishful Drinking", totally hilarious book, showed my latest embroidered dish-towel, Kathy was sewing on binding, Sam stitching clamshells, Wendy...what was Wendy doing? Sarah showed us cute pictures of her 17 yo dog Ruthie who was just put down, and Peg kept on bringing up the dentistry subject. Everyone exchanged their Row-blocks, so next month we'll see more creativity on that front. Everyone but me gave Sarah fatquarters of dog fabric. I forgot to bring some.


  1. All I can say is OMG! I wish I could be a mouse in the corner at one of your meetings!
    Janet Hartje

  2. You should just join us!
    2nd Monday of the month.
    6:30 or 7pm