Thursday, April 30, 2009

Row by Row Round Robin

The Cave Women have started a round robbin quilt. I haven't made my row. And I might not, I don't know yet. But I did make a strip for Sarahs. Sarah made the red one...all scraps of course! Then Sharon Englund made the blue one and then I made the ugly green one. :-D

The row by row starts out with each quilter making her first row. It can be any width or length and consist of whatever design she wants. In a bag it goes and passed on to the next quilter and they make an equal size row. And then the next quilter and so on. The original quilter gets her bag back with the completed rows ready for her to assemble which ever way she desires.

I don't have pictures of the other ones...but Sharon Englunds is a smaller one with....go ahead and guess....animal prints!


  1. Now I get the whole concept. I think I did, after I pondered it in my heart for awhile... Your ugly green one is the first one that caught my eye! From Sharon B., who can't figure out how to be somebody with this bloggy thing.

  2. LOL!
    Anonymous = Sharon B.
    If you made a row of anything, any width, any length and put it in a bag, then change bags with the other quilters, you make rows for them, they make rows for you, and when you get it back you'll have multiple rows to sew together.