Thursday, April 23, 2009

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Tonights trip to the MIA for artistic inspiration ended on a fun note in the exhibits of two artists. Nancy Robinson and her Sin and Guilt paintings; and Sarah Belleau and her Holy Land photographs. Just go to this website yourself to see it.

Better yet, go to the exhibit! It's on until May 31 and it's a free exhibition. Sarah Belleau photographs have images reflect a modern day vision of verses in the Bible. She has a really cool 3d example in the middle of the room. And Nancy Robinson painted self-portraits, and one is "Alone in the City"...with a bunch of pinocchios bestowing flowers on a pretty girl. You can just imagine them saying "I've got something for you baby!" ~creeeeek~ oops, Woody's lying! Her paintings were bright, humorous and invite you to guess at the psychology behind the representation of different items. One of them even belongs to Mimi Holmes, so you know they're fun!

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  1. Let me know if you go again sometime! I love to go to the art museum!