Saturday, February 14, 2009

Postmark'd Art Elements Exchange: Bark

In Postmark'd Art our Elements postcard exchange is probably all done except for me...late as usual.
We're all suppose to make a 12 x 12" block of "Bark" and then cut it into 6 postcards, mailing 5 and keeping one for ourself.
So far I've made my original block, which is more like 15x15" (I didn't know how much shrinkage I'd get with stitching so I started out bigger and ended up with hardly any shrinkage due to stitchage.

The first picture is a closeup, before I used stiffener on it so it would be soft tree bark. The flash lightened it up too much.

The second picture is after I put stiffener on it, realized it was too sticky to work with and still have texture. I got really frustrated so I rinsed the stiffener out and just let it dry. The coloring in this picture is more the true color.

Today I'm going to try to figure out what I want to do next...maybe wet it again and throw it in the dryer for more fuzzy effect, try some stiffener again or just cut it into postcards right now, take care of the edges and get them mailed off and be done with it.
Only the shadow knows....cuz I certainly don't! :-D

Does it look like tree bark?

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  1. This is amazing! I would love to know more about what type of stiffener and what you used to make this. It definitely looks like tree bark to me. Janet