Friday, February 27, 2009

Inspiration Found!

The beginning of 6 inches of snow yesterday, and hours for commuters to get home from work.

I have to admit that blogging has brought on a new inspiration for me. Checking out my friends blogs each day and seeing how much they get done is very encouraging. And it's sort of that inspiration you feel when leaving a Minnesota Contemporary Quilters meeting, but by the time you get home it's late at night and it's time to hit the sack because you are sleepy from all the pizza after the meeting. By checking out their blogs I can get inspiration from my friends any time of the day!

I machine quilted that blue and white wallhanging. If I don't machine quilt everyday any skill I master goes down the drain fast. (Now that my bathroom sink drain works I can use that analogy). These two photos are the back, which is a muslin. I think I want to use paintsticks to color in the different sections. The back can possible become the new front.

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