Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don't put a face in your book, put a book in your ear!

To my wollef (opposite of fellow) cave dwellers:
I did some laundry today!
And to all my non-wollef cave dwellers who do not get the cryptic message:
My apologies! You had to be there.

Linda Dixon, someone I knew from Boise Idaho, always had great advice and ideas for quilting. One of them was listening to books on tape while sewing. She went on and on about how great it was. My thought was: Yeah, that's nice, I'll try that some day.
Over 10 years later, I finally tried it, and it is amazing! I didn't even get mad when I had to rip something out. Any quilting frustration can't access the brain when the brain is busy being entertained!
Who knew?
(Linda knew)

I take the books on tape or cd out of the library...right now I've got Catch 22 going. I was already thinking of going over Mark Twain's next, and then Sarah Gannett suggested Twain tonight so that cemented that thought. When I'm done with Twain I'll pick Sarahs brain again for more suggestions.

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  1. right now I'm into ignoring british murder mystery movies while i sew. can' make it to mcq because of work, but, am aiming to be in the cities friday afternoon / evening. wanna do coffee or something. sorry for long comment - i can't find your email address today. yeah, i don't get it either