Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Still being creative every day!

I'm still working on the pillowcase edging...it's going slow but steady.
I finished listening to Three Cups of Tea by 'Dach-tor-Gah-RRR-ek' Greg Mortenson. It's amazing what one person can do for others; and to think it wouldn't have happened if he hadn't gotten lost climbing down off of K2!
Last night was Cave Women, at Sharons Cave. An evening full of laughter can not be turned down!


  1. "Three Cups Of Tea" - an amazing life by chance. Loved the book.
    Love all the Cave Women too. So happy all you creative women come to my cave every month. S.

  2. 3 c. tea sure makes ya think about what's important...whining about stupid stuff is too common.