Sunday, November 1, 2009

A new day, a new month...

Today I'm going to start the challenge on this blog: which for November is to create art everyday.
I'll be loose on the definition of how much to do every day so I can enjoy the creativity. Today already I have worked on the lace edge of the pillowcases I'm making for a gift. And I'm still listening to the audio book "Three Cups of Tea".

Ok, so I've added the picture of the pillowcase(s)'s one of those kits you can buy at the craft store that I bought in Watertown SD when my niece Jenna was with (she said she'd like them so I'm making them for her). The kit doesn't include putting edging on. I bought some variegated perle cotton and I'm crocheting it on. The row that's there is just for attaching it to the pillowcase. Now I have to make up a pattern for the crocheted lace edging. Hopefully they'll turn out just like my Grandmothers made.


  1. Happy Creative Every Day Art! :)

    Sounds inspring what you are working on.

    I'm wondering what to make for a dear friend's 60th Birthday, it's on the 25th November. I would like to make her some sort of crafted material but am not sure which one. Which do you think doesn't take long to create?

  2. How about a set of notecards? Using blank cardstock you can put your own art on each card. I usually add a little of the art to the corresponding envelope to match.

  3. Oh, I'd love to see a picture of the lace!! Happy art every day month to you, Debra!

  4. Dear Debra,
    I'm just trying to picture a set of notecards, but I'm not quite sure if it would work. I mean my own intention to give and reflecting my friends own way. How does that work exactly?
    I did have an idea earlier, to do like a stitched picture frame of some sort.
    I'm hoping to go to the Art store soon to get some inspiration and see from there.
    Thanks for your response. :)

  5. Dear Debra,
    Just so you know I ordered an embrodied pattern I had my eyes on and off for the week, it is a meaningful message. :)
    I shall be getting into it when it arrives next week. :) I also ordered something else for me, a bigger project which I look forward to unveiling on my blog.