Monday, November 16, 2009

And Still Counting...

For a couple days now I've spent my creative minutes sewing these 6" quilts for Caron Lages project called "And Still Counting..." About 2 years ago Caron saw the number of Americans that had perished in Iraq, but astonishingly, for each American that has died, more than 212 Iraqis have also died.
So Caron decided to make a 6" finished solid color quilt for each American that died, and on each quilt put 212 black french knots or black seed beads to represent each Iraqi.
Above is a picture of some of the project while it hung at the Minnesota Quilters show in Duluth this past summer.
This memorial does not have any political point of view expressed, only a quilted interpretation of the numbers. It does not include names of those who died, nor any symbols of anything. Of course these numbers have changed since 2 years ago, hence the name 'and still counting...".
So far Caron has reached the 2,000 mark, but still over 1,000 quilts are needed. Although I have done the french knots on more than a few, I hadn't made any of the blocks for her. So that's what I've been doing the last couple days.
If you're interested in making some quilts or putting knots or beads on some, please see her blog for instructions:

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