Sunday, October 16, 2011

Christmas Quilts

This is a Christmas quilt for my cousins, Tom Ouradnik and his wife Ann.
Feels like eons ago that I asked my family to wrap their Christmas gifts in fabric and then I collected the fabrics and drew a name from those who participated and the winner was to get something I made from the fabric.
Even when we were doing it I was years behind on these gifts.  We don't exchange gifts any more, but I still have more quilts to finish!
I'll probably be done with the machine quilting today and then start on the binding.
After I finished one, I would add all the leftover fabric to the fabric from the following year.  I've made a few quilts, a pillow I think, some wall-hangings and a 25' Yo-Yo Garland which only goes around my Aunt Joans tree 2 and a half times!
Two of the quilts I hand quilted, but if Tom and Ann wanted a hand-quilted quilt, they would have to wait another 25 years for it!  I machine quilted it on the Bernina in the picture.  Nothing like spending most of your quilting time punching the quilt through the opening of the machine!  I did that for 3 days at the MCQ quilt retreat at Camp Wapo.


  1. I like the part of the quilt I can see. So you were busy at camp wapo.

  2. I forgot about how you always did that... They will be excited to get their quilt