Monday, October 17, 2011

Cave Women Quilting Group

Ok, let's just drop the 'Cave' part and call us what we obviously are: WILD Women.
Tonight's meeting of "____Women" was absolutely hilarious!
Yesterday Wanda turned 60, today Teresa turned 59, and Saturday Edith turns 70.
It was time to celebrate.  Or maybe this little morsel of life should be called "Par-Taaay"
Hey Teresa, this is the last year of your 50's for the rest of your life!  You'll never be in your 50's again!  Unless you start adding fractions...59 and 13/12ths.

Over half of them were gypsy's.  Skirts, scarves, bead necklaces every where! 
Scarves around their heads or scarves around their necks or scarves around their waists or scarves around their hips.  Edith was wearing a Dolly Parton wig!  And most of them ended up getting tattooed.  (This is an inner city quilt group, it can get rough)
When Sharon (who was swishing her skirt and showing off her socks) was asked if she had her tie-dye underwear on and she wouldn't tell us, Wanda said that just proves that Sharon wasn't wearing any underwear because Sharon always shows off her underwear.  I didn't bring up the "Betty" thing, but I'm sure Sharon dyed hers rainbow colored.

Now wait just one cotton-pickin' minute, just what kind of 'quilting group' is this?

We were told to bring 'fortunes' written on little pieces of paper.
First Peg passed around a box of fortune cookies and after those started getting opened and read all the fortunes had to have "in bed." added to the ends.
Then our individual fortunes were read and when they were written I don't think anybody had the ending "in bed" in mind.  Some were written specifically for the birthday girls.

Teresa went to a fortune teller and asked what her future would be.
The fortune teller said she had bad news.  Teresa would become a widow because her husband would soon die a horrible death.
Teresa looked shocked, thought for a moment and then asked the fortune teller:
"Will I be acquitted?"

Ok, so it's not actually a 'fortune', it's just a joke.  Hopefully that won't actually happen or the person who brought the joke would feel horrible.  Who ever they are.
And Show n Tell...if you could get a word in edge-wise you could have shown what you're working on.
Hard to believe there wasn't even wine served tonight.  But they sure drank tea like there was no tomorrow!

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  1. I love your humor... keep laughing, it is so important... sounds like my kind of group.. although we have not yet dyed our undies,, just a set of pajamas for our up coming retreat for 4 days on the beach... 7 YoYo's..long story on the name.. enjoy