Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm losing interest so I'm distracting myself...

I removed all the buildings because it wasn't looking natural. 
Seeing that it didn't look right has really made me lose interest in the piece. 
I decided that I would add some approximate sky and earth, even tho' I don't know what I'll end up with in the end.  There will be black or grey in the very center representing the street. 

So in the mean time I've been taking some of the scraps and making beads and buttons.  Most of these scraps already have fusible on them, but if not I use a little glue stick. 
I wish I were more passionate about this project.  Letting the intuitiveness direct me is a lot more fun than this.  Now it's a just a chore I wish to be finished with by Monday night!


  1. Love your beads! Why do the buildings have to look natural? Isn't it an art quilt? Check out these quilts of buildings at this web site...
    I like how it is circular.
    Good luck on finishing... post a picture.

  2. Well, DANG! I loved the first one - a lot!
    Go Back! Go Back!
    AND I like this new one too.
    You probably have to do a series. The colors are magnificent and the building ideas with perspective are fascinating. Keep going Girlfriend. You are uber creative.

  3. I like this new one in a circle. The colors are great. But I loves the first one a little more. And I argree with Sharon - you could make a series. What ever I like your sewing.