Sunday, May 29, 2011


So sad, but I've had to force myself to work on this!
 Put one in, take another one out.
 I keep adjusting this way and that.
I will change the sky to a lighter blue and the earth to a darker green.  When it's completed hardly any of the green earth will show; only the edge on the right and a sliver coming down between the buildings that's showing now.
I'm going to keep working on it tomorrow, hopefully all the 'buildings' will be up on the wall, and having it look like I want.  Then in the evenings this week I'll start to assemble the piece.  The hardest part will be taking it all down so I can fuse it.  What I need is design wall that I can iron on!


  1. Sooooo fascinating! And beautiful and striking! This piece could sell - a pattern? Fabric? You've put a lot of energy in the design and it deserves to go further.

  2. It looks fantastic. And you are working really hard on it. A big compliment.