Monday, May 31, 2010

Goddess of the Last Minute: Laughter and Lessons from an Uncommon Quilter
Robbi Joy Eklow sure has a great sense of humor, I'm really enjoying this book. 
One of my favorite quotes so far:
" I bet most quilters, even if they are more careful about what they buy, have many more books than finished quilts.  I no longer feel guilty about that.  If I collected murder mysteries, would I feel bad about not going out and killing  a few people every time I got a new book?  Of course not."


  1. She has some good articles in Quilting Arts magazine... she is always at the end...

  2. Oh yeah! I'm going to look for a copy myself. Love, love, love the cover...and there's nothing better than a quilter with a sense of humor!!!
    ...and yes, I've got a lot of books - not so many quilts...LOL