Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Fabric "Bank"

Anyone remember "Banks"?

For those that don't know, years ago "Banks" was a warehouse store, that sold items that they bought from insurance claims from retail stores.  Sometimes it was because of fire, and everything they had was smokey.  But most the time it was 3 floors of fantastic treasure hunting at a small fraction of the retail price.

Everything was brand new; high-falutin' Italian shoes, Calvin Klein jeans, clothes up the wazoo, everything for the kitchen and name it, at some point in time they had it.  It was always worth it to read their electric sign outside, declaring the next sale they would have, such as "$2,000,000 Ski Equipment, TUESDAY 9 AM".  And when shopping the days before a sale, that section would be closed off but many people would come to peek and see if it's worth standing in line to get in.

One day it was a fabric shop that went out of business!  

Even as a teenager I was bit by the fabric bug...   Bolts and bolts of beautiful cotton calico's in dark cerulean, dark scarlet, burgundy, midnight blue, olive and fern!  These were not kelly green with white mini polka dots!  They all coordinated beautifully.  I only had so much money with me so I couldn't buy it all.  OMG, I had to whittle down from at least 20 bolts that I absolutely loved.  Which to choose?  I wanted all of them. can imagine the clerks eye-rolling when I told her I wanted 1/4 yard of each one!


  1. LOL... I used to roll my eye when one of my customers would stack 20 bolts of batiks and ask for 1/8 of a yard....

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun! Do you still have some of that fabric? Something you just keep saving for that perfect quilt....