Monday, January 19, 2009

My first blog...

Hard to believe that kids today do not know what life was like before computers! Makes it harder when old people like me need to deal with technology. (I'm a 22 yo with an additional 23 years life experience.)

I think I've been sewing all my life and turning it into art was just a natural course to take.

Continuing on the thought of children, so much time was spent on schooling, learning, everything coming at you. After highschool and college you kinda think life will get easier and no more homework! But the truth is it is not easier, but the motivation is different. Learning is desired.

When it comes to creativity and art, there is no end to the learning. The desire to learn is endless. When you learn more you can create more! When you create more you learn more!

Happy Quilting to all!


  1. Yippeeee! What a gal. Now I want a blog. Thanks for the bump! Sharonahhh

  2. Why not take that free blog class that Janet is taking? S.

  3. Who the hell is Samantha Baker?!!! Don't know how that got in there. Sharonahhh

  4. Looks great Debra! I love your ten thousand pieces quilt!