Saturday, April 8, 2017

Day 98

I made a mistake buying this fine thread for my lettering, this is too big of a project for these small spools of  225 yards. So far I've used 2 complete spools. One spool makes for 3 bobbins holding 75 yards each.  Also, Coats& Clark changed the official type of this thread from "Fine" to "Paper Piecing". 

Question to ponder later: When I used one spool for the bobbin and one spool for the top thread, why did I run out of bobbin thread way earlier than top thread?  They were both brand new spools. 

One bobbin does >4 lines of text. I think it's 85" wide, which is another error...I was going to make it 75" wide but forgot about it when I started quilting. 
Unfortunately I don't think the quality of my work is going to improve as I go. Even when I start feeling like I've got my groove going the quilt gets hung up on the edge of the sewing machine. 

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