Saturday, February 16, 2013

Turning 49

I am really excited to have turned 49.  It just seems so momentous and joyous. An accomplishment, a medal of honor. A dinner at Ol' Mexico with my family and friends was delicious.  The Cave Women gave me this awesome fiber postcard and a quilt shop gift card for $49.  Aren't they fun?
I want to make my 49th year the best yet.


  1. What a fun evening it was Deb. Thanks for everything! And to your folks - waaaaaay too generous and thank them very much.
    Did I mention I turned $69 - I mean 69? hahahahahahahaha. Never mind - I'm set for fabric and batt for another year or two after yesterday!!!!! That was a good day. Thanks.

  2. Great Fun PostCard! Happy blated Bday!. Have fun with the new $49 stash too!!!>>>>> SMILES!