Friday, June 22, 2012

Cup Cozy and Pin Ring

For many years now I haven't bought any patterns.  I just follow my own path. 
At the MQ Quilt Show and Conference last week this pattern caught my eye...who doesn't have extra coffee mugs laying around?
And I don't even drink coffee!
The pattern is called Sewing Cup Cozy by Country Fabrics and Quilting in Brainerd MN.
It doesn't take much fabric, it's quick to make and uses some pretty buttons. Next time I'm going to stack a few buttons and 'make a new button'. 
It does require a skinny hair binder, which I don't have.  I even tried using some of that shiny elastic cording but it shreds apart easily.
But this week Rainbow Grocery Store has their hair accessories B1G1 and they have hair binders that are about 1" across and in over 20 colors.  Poifect!
Inside the cup cozy with the pins sticking out of it is a finger pin cushion that Barb Collins made at Wapo and gave to a few of us.  She said it's in a fun book called "100 Pretty Little Things".  It fits right on your finger and it's soft.

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  1. Oh, I love it. It looks so cute. But do I have coffee mugs laying around?? ;)