Friday, February 24, 2012

Trusting or letting go.

My steampunk cards in the PostmarkdArt trade are ready to mail.  Addressed, stamped, signed, sealed, delivered...I'm yours.  Whose am I?

I've been hesitant about sending out something that I spent so much time on.  I spent hours on the cards but even more hours on my quest to find what I wanted for them.  It was all fun of course, but if the recipient doesn't receive them, well, that would suck the joy right out of it.

So if it gets lost in the mail, that means someone else would have my little piece of art, right?  Well, isn't that still nice, that someone else liked it enough to steal it?  (I believe that's a Federal Offense!)  Someone else wants to enjoy looking at it?  I should be so honored.  Or not?

Today I carefully covered them with removable painters tape.  As I was taping them I felt foolish.  It is suppose to be postmarked art after all, and what challenge is it if I cover it up?  It's not exactly postmarked art if I send it in a box.  Isn't that the same as covering it up?  If I ordered a shirt from a website and when I receive it in the mail, does that mean it's postmarked shirt art?

If I just trust in the Universe, that the card will go where it's suppose to go and if where it goes isn't where I wanted it to go then what?  I was mistaken?  I was presumptuous to think what I want matters to the Universe?  I was dumb enough to not understand where it really was suppose to go?

Or should I worry more because I'm going on and on worrying about something that hasn't even happened and may not happen?

OK. You're right. Tomorrow I will put them in a mail box.  And I will let go.

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