Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Crafters Devotional - 365 Days of Tips, Tricks and Techniques...

...for unlocking your creative spirit.
By Barbara R Call.

This book is boosting my creative spirit.  I've borrowed it from the library so I can't take each day to read one devotional, but I try to get through several each day and keep a notebook to jot down the ideas I start to think about.
I've always wanted to make those pop-up cards or books, and she suggests buying a childrens pop-up book and...redecorating it.
She shows you an easy way to draw a labyrinth, which types of tea dye which colors on muslin, how to make color paste paper, using bleach to alter your photographs, inspirational quotes, how to meditate, and on and on.
If someone were to read your journal in 100 years, what would you want to tell them?
What animal keeps occuring in your life?  (Sharon, you're a fish!)

Fun book:
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  1. HA. The first time I've looked at blogs in months and there's my name at the botttom of your Crafter's Devotional article (which, btw, I want to pick up someplace - cheap. Maybe Amazon.)
    You are my role model when it comes to stretching the imagination. Thanks.