Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ho Ho Ho?

My projects are coming along, slowly but surely. 

I'm in another trade with Postmark'd Art...the deadline was last Monday!  I don't totally feel terrible about being late since I haven't received all my cards from the others. 
I may be tardy all the time but all my traders get a postcard no matter what. 
One time life wasn't all peaches and cream.  I don't know why I use that to refer to life not being good, because I don't like peaches or cream.  I should say "One time life WAS all peaches and cream".   
I was in a stressed out mood and all my postcards were mailed, but they were ugly. 
Art always reflects what going on inside you.
These are 3 pieces of the puzzle.  I have to make many more for my postcards.

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