Friday, March 4, 2011

Mardi Gras Challenge

Mardi Gras Postcard, Debra Svedberg 2011 ( < 4 x 6 )
At MCQ we have a monthly mini challenge and for February the theme was Mardi Gras.
I don't celebrate Mardi Gras so I tried focusing on the religious aspect of it, preparing for Lent and so on. 
I didn't get anywhere with that either so I decided to go with beads...which has nothing religious to do with Mardi Gras as far as I know, and I didn't research why beads came about for Mardi Gras.
I think of it as being along the same lines as Easter's mascot being a bunny.
That's typical for me, starting out with one idea and it never ends up that way.
At the last Cave Women, where there was wine, chocolate and an enormous amount of silliness, a joke got huge laughs:
The Husband Bunnie says to the Wife Bunnie:
"This won't take long, did it?"

Well...maybe you had to be there?

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