Friday, November 26, 2010

Sexy Dish Towels

I finished the dish towels for Roxie's graduation present.  She graduated last year, but on my part, a gift being a year late isn't actually that bad!  My average is much worse.  Sublime Stitching has really funny embroidery transfers that put the fun back into those sweet dishtowels our grandmothers made for us.
The middle one is suppose to say "Reform School Girl", but since Roxie is Catholic, I had to change that!
I still love listening to audio books while I create, so I know that the Rockabilly Angel took 6.5 hours, because I started it at the beginning of the book and finished the towel at the end of the book.  I guess I'm a slow embroiderer!

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  1. These are fun... what a great present. I checked out the web site, what fun patterns.