Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Minnesota Contemporary Quilters

Last night we had a hilarious time at MCQ. Edith Dalleska tried to give us a presentation of how to make a "Disappearing 9-Patch" but I'm afraid her friends in the audience were quite rambunctious, I think I heard cat-calls! (me? I never behave like that!) You'd think your friends would be the most supportive attentive people in the audience... In the end, everyone was amazed how she turned a 9-patch into a complicated looking block. Vanna White, er, I mean Sharon Englund was her humorous assistant...well, maybe she thinks she was assisting...she was definitely humorous... :-D

An MCQ member from the past, Laurie Brainerd was there visiting from San Antonio so we got caught up on her...The state of Taxes, uh I mean Texas might be big, but they score a big "F" for Art Quilters! Some day in the future when art quilting makes its stamp in that big state there will be a bust of Lauries head in the entryway as the leader of the posse of art quilting.
Show 'n Tell was so huge, I think every person there had something to show except me. Everyone has been getting a lot done this summer. I didn't catch the name of one gal who was watercolor painting, then scanning the image on the computer, and altering it, then printing it on fabric, she embellishes and frames them. They were awesome!

Leaning Tower of Pizza was our next stop. I always feel sorry for our waitress, Liz ("as in lizard" she said), she gets over a dozen middle-aged ladies laughing and chatting all at once and when our food comes she might say loudly: "Medium Pepperoni!" and nobody is listening to her.
Sharon Baker showed us a promotional ink pen from Levitra that folds in half, but then with the press of a button it erects itself to a normal pen.Is everyone aware that Wanda said the pen comes with a warning? "Please see your doctor immediately if you write for more than 4 hours".
In the end Sharon had the last word...she gave me a large cucumber.

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  1. It was Kathy Tuominen who did the water color paintings and scanned, quilted, embellished, framed etc. Aren't they awesome!
    Great review of the evening.