Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Still working on the quilt made by Grandma Ouradnik

I'm still chuggin' away on the repairs on this quilt. This photo shows the little circles of fabric I'm machine appliqueing down over the holes from the yarn in the center of every square.

Yesterday I had a fabulous day with Sharon Englund driving up to St. Cloud to visit Carn Lage, but I haven't had time to sit and collect my thoughts on the day. It was lots of laughter, sunshine, pretty white clouds, fabric, repose, fabric, warm wind blowing through the car (not breeze, wind!) and fabric!

Sharon is such a great friend, full of smiles and jokes, thoughtful reflections when we actually dare to speak of something serious, and always finding the humor and irony in life.

Carn has such a full life, she's in 4th gear with the pedal to the metal and yet always when I see her she has a casual easy going disposition. She enjoys life. Still working on her "and still counting" piece (her blog is somewhere in the list here on the right column). I forgot to get some squares and black floss from her before I left to bring to an MCQ meeting. She has other projects going too, but like my life theme lately, not having enough space alters the weave of life. [Although my theme doesn't feel like a 'weave'...more like a hunk of leather!]

My quilt buddies don't know how much they enrich my life. Each and every one of them.

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